Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And this it how it all started..

My organised chaos started 4 years 8 months and 4 days ago. The day I delivered my precious Master 4.5 in to the world. This would not just be the day my life took a dramatic change in direction, but the day I gained my independence. I no longer cared about 'myself' I no longer sweat the small stuff.. My whole entire world revolved around this one tiny 7Lbs 12 Oz person, who had no one but me.

4 years later, how life has changed again. I’m now a 'mother' to Master 4.5 and Miss .14 and expecting #3 in 5 weeks and 6 days.. Yes, 41 days and counting. I’ve lost my identity of being this one little boy's everything, and now share myself to 2 and a half children and a partner. I sometimes wonder where that leaves me. I know they care, adore and appreciate me. But am 'I' their everything? Makes you wonder how its 'suppose' to work doesn’t it?

2 years 4 months and 25 days ago a 23 year old guy came cruising in to mine and master 4.5's lives.. By cruising I mean... Sitting out the front of my house for 20 minutes, because he had arrived to early.. Then nervously walking up my stairs, quietly knocking at my door and once invited in.. Didn’t leave. He’s now the father to Miss .14 and #3.

Your working out the dates in your head aren’t you? ... I’ll help. 5 months 3 weeks and 1 day after he walked up those stairs and sat on my couch, we conceived Miss .14 ... Better?

14 months and 14 days ago, Master 4.5 was blessed with a (what he thought was a 3 month old) 10Lbs 1Oz baby sister. And I’ll be completely honest; I’ve never seen such a peaceful, proud and amazed look on a 3.5 year olds face. And the look he gave her of unconditional love has never left. Every single day I see him fall more and more in love with this tiny girl version of himself. And to me, I couldn’t wish for anything better. Best friends for life id say!

So.. We have our so called 'Pidegon pair’, Mr 25 has taken on the role of 'Dad' to master 4.5 and Miss (now) .14 is his angel.. So, not much more to tell? .. Wrong.

Miss (now) .14 had not even reached with blissful age of 6 months old when a little plastic strip was dipped nervously in to a tiny cup of pee only to reveal... 2 big bold red lines. We were adding another addition to our organised chaos.

Now, those of you know Miss .14, a 'handful' or 'boisterous' doesn’t even come close to describing her.

She had a rough start, with food refusal, reflux, acid build ups and many hospital stays, then on to crawling at 4 months, walking at 9 months and running at 9.5 months, And that was only just the short of it. So, I was nervous about how I would cope, from the moment I saw those lines.

My body isn’t made for being pregnant.. It’s made for many other things. But homing a baby, not one of them. I suffer horrid Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and with all pregnancies have been hospitalised and on many drips for dehydration and severe migraines.. Which upsets me, because it takes me away from my family for days. With my last pregnancy at about 35 weeks I noticed what I thought was some fatty tissue in my upper leg. I wasn’t concerned until I showed my mum, who they became paranoid thinking it was a similar thing to what she had, in the same spot. A tumour. Off to the hospital we went, for it to be Pregnancy induced varicous veins, which would vanish after child birth. I didn’t think anything more of it, and as soon as I had Miss .14 they were gone.
Little did I know they were coming back, with friends.. For this pregnancy.

As you can see, they are painful! They start in my groin, and run all the way to my toes. But only in my right leg. Horrid looking things they are! 90% of the time the back of that leg sweats like mad and it as hot at a kettle. I’ve had a couple of incidents where I’ve knocked them, once with the shopping and once on the corner of some draws and I get a big nasty clot which feels like I’ve been kicked nice and hard with a steel cap boot. Honestly, exactly what the pain feels like! I often get Mr 25 to have a touch; The look of horror on his face amuses me.. haha!

I’ve been to see many doctors about the reasons for the veins and it makes alot of sense. You have 'main' veins running down both legs. Baby #3 has chosen to sit nicely on the left vein, stopping my blood flow from returning back up my leg when I’m standing. So the pressure of all the blood running down gets stuck, and blows out my larger veins and brings out thousands of little spider veins. So here’s to hopeing, in just under 5 weeks when we meet this newest addition, my leg returns to its normal self!

Now that you’ve 'met' Mr 25, Master 4.5, Miss .14 and know about myself, my morning sickness and my veins, I should probably get to the point of my blog.

Alot has to do with me. I need stimulation, I own and run a home based alternative children’s clothing line from home, which for the moment is on hold due to the upcoming birth. But I still need to be in touch with other in the same boat as I am. A mum, lost in 'Mum's World' .. I’m here to tell me story, on how life is here. And hope to gain advice, support and words of wisdom from parents out in cyber land!

I’ll bring you laughter, (attempt) helpful home ideas, trials of my new creations and as much advice I can give, for you just being here.

Sound good? Hopefully.

And one day, my kids can read exactly how their mum dealt with life issues, raising them and see how much I utterly adore these little people I created.

Welcome to my organised chaos.

x N

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